Goldline GL30-LCO Solar Control
  • 2 Inputs (Sensors)
  • 1 Output (20A Relay)
The Goldline GL30-LCO temperature differential controller provides for automatic operation of domestic solar water heating systems. The -LCO control includes an external outlet to plug in a pump (or fan) to circulate the heat transfer fluid between the solar collectors and the storage tank during the course of the day.

The GL30-LCO model includes a power cord and one external 20A outlet for the circulating pump.

  • 2 Inputs (Sensors)
  • 1 Output (20A Relay)
  • 8-20°F adjustable turn-on differential
  • 4°F fixed turn-off differential
  • 110-230°F adjustable high limit
  • 120/240 VAC input
  • 20A, 1HP@120VAC, 2HP@240VAC output
  • LCO Model includes Line Cord and Outlet
  • 10K Thermistor Type Sensors (NOT Included)
  • +/- 1°F Accuracy
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