Date: 11/28/2021
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8000 Ghost Controls TSS1 Gate Opener Kit

Ghost Controls TSS1 Gate Opener Kit

Heavy Duty Tubular Gate Opener Kits
  • The capability to open and close any commercially available tubular gate up to 20 ft. in length or 900 lbs.
  • Tube-gate brackets that allow you to easily bolt it to any round tubular gate without requiring you to drill through your gate.
  • The ability to choose any battery(not included in kit) type/style that you desire such as deep cycle marine or automotive batteries sold at your local retailer or 12V 7 Amp Hour sealed lead-acid batteries contained in our optional accessory
  • One Standard Remote transmitter included in single kits
  • ABBT2 Battery Box Kit
  • AXS1 Standard Remote Operator
  • AXWK-WC Premium Wireless Keypad
  • AXGN Outdoor Mounting Pedestal
  • AXLC–Locking Clevis Pin

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